After the decision of our Greek government to give voting rights and nationality in a large number of foreigners, most of them illegal immigrants, many Greek citizens requested a Referendum.

In order to protect European borders from an invasion of more immigrants, we started a big campaign, trying to inform European citizens and organize a referendum, for the first time of E.U.'s life.

Greek Facts
  • The Greek population is 11 million and is projected to decrease over the next few decades. While populations in Africa and Asia surge. 8,1% of our population is foreigners, not to mention illegal immigrants.
  • Greek economy is not able to cope with more immigrants, neither our community to intergrate them.
  • Instability and ghettos are the main problems of Greek neighborhoods due to different culture (especially islamic).
Greek government is going to give European citizenship to more than a million immigrants. Immigrants view our country as a transit to Europe. As a result, more and more people will be transfered from Asia and Africa to our land.

Give a chance to our children. PROTECT EUROPE AND YOUR COUNTRY from this big mistake of our government.